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Prosperity Task Force

The Hidalgo County Prosperity Task Force consists of over 160 committed community leaders who aim to reduce Hidalgo County’s poverty rate.

The mission of the Prosperity Task Force is to create human capital through collaborating across sectors and connecting Hidalgo County residents to educational opportunities, economic prosperity, and social services.

In doing so, the Prosperity Task Force 
seeks to enhance economic development in Hidalgo County to ensure the availability of living wage jobs and to train our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow

Our Work

Click on the images below to learn more about our work

placing our residents on pathways to prosperity.

Our Subgroups

We are developing pathways to prosperity that place residents into high-wage jobs, supports them with mentorship and wraparound services, and provides educational and training opportunities.


The pipeline is broken down into 14 subgroups:

Creating Human Capital

Image by Kenny Eliason


Matches professionals with residents to provide career advice and professional development.

Image by charlesdeluvio


Provides career counseling services for residents with the potential for job training.



Explores sources of funding for residents seeking employment and educational opportunities.

Wraparound Services

Image by Marisol Benitez

Food Insecurity

Shares information and resources to address the food needs of the community.

Aerial View of Suburban Street


Provides assistance and information for the housing needs of the community.

Car Dashboard


Oversees plans to expand transportation services to unincorporated and underserved areas of Hidalgo County.

Medical Specialists

Medical Services

Provides resources for the health care needs of the community

Jobs and Credentials

College Lecture

Higher Education

Provides pathways for residents seeking a post-secondary education.


Workforce Development

Identifies entities that can provide training for vocational pathways.

Financial Report
Job Interview

Economic Development

Job Placement

Develops a strategy for expansion and support of existing businesses in Hidalgo County.

Assists with placing residents into gainful employment through job matching services.

Data and Policy

Image by Jason Goodman


Researches economic and educational data for our anti-poverty strategies

Image by Scott Graham


Helps to establish policy recommendations to expand job training opportunities.



Advocates for the business community and helps create

climate for outside investment in Hidalgo County.

Pathway to Prosperity
in Hidalgo County

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